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Thanks for your interest in GoodFoodTalks! Ever wondered how visually impaired people read a menu? The truth is, it’s a huge problem! There are more than 15 million people with visual impairments in India. Their conditions range from those who are totally blind through to people whose vision can’t be corrected by even the strongest of glasses. And then there are millions of people who due to old age cannot read small print or read in low light.


Good Food Talks is a platform that empowers people with visual impairments to access and browse restaurant menus on their smartphones,tablets and computers in the way that most suits them and their vision, whether out and about or at home.


Each restaurant menu needs to be uploaded to GoodFoodTalks to make it accessible. We alone cannot upload all menus and need your help in increasing the number of menus on this platform.


Uploading a menu is quick and easy. Click Signup below to create an account. Checkout the Menu upload process and remember to send us a message using the Contact Us form after completing your work or when you face any difficulty.

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