About us

GoodFoodTalks is a universally accessible restaurant menu – anyone including persons with difficulties in reading print can access it as casually and effortlessly as an ordinary menu.


Good Food Talks has been brought to India by Prashant Ranjan Verma. Prashant is an accessibility expert associated with several international and national level organizations. Mirchi Cares the CSR wing of Radio Mirchi is financially supporting this initiative. GoodFoodTalks India operations are being managed by Saksham Trust, Delhi.


Prashant Ranjan Verma    Matt Wadsworth

Good Food Talks was originally founded in March 2013 in the United Kingdom and is the brainchild of Matt Wadsworth and Kate Bennett Wadsworth. It continues to grow rapidly in the United Kingdom and already hundreds of thousands of users enjoy using this app.


Visually impaired people are sociable creatures. They love food and also like to eat out. Above all else, they value their independence. Basically, they just want to be treated like anybody else.
However, when the visually impaired visit restaurants, their experience is not always pleasant. One of the problems they face in every restaurant is of reading the menu card and selecting items to order. If they have a sighted companion, then they request the menu to be read aloud. Else, they ask the waiter to help, who despite his willingness just doesn’t have time to read everything. Few restaurants offer Braille menus, and it is a good gesture on their part. But all visually impaired do not know Braille and it is very difficult to reprint the Braille menu every time prices or items change.


Prashant, who has been creating unique solutions for the visually impaired to solve day to day problems, initially converted the menus of popular restaurant chains into Audio books and Braille books. But this proved very difficult to scale up and maintain over a period of time owing to the high cost and time requirement for conversion to these formats.


After much research Prashant concluded that the solution created by Matt Wadsworth in the UK is what he was also looking for. Matt agreed to partner with Saksham and so now Good Food Talks is in India!


Most smartphones, tablets and computers now come with a host of customizable accessibility features, including a built in screen reader that will speak everything out loud. People with varying degree of visual impairments from weak eyesight to totally blind can now independently and efficiently use the smart phones and tablets with the built in accessibility features.


Good food talks has taking advantage of this situation and is presenting the menus in an easy to read and navigable format on the smart phones and tablets. Those who want to order food from home can also use Good Food Talks on their desktop computers if they wish.


Just tap the “Find restaurants near me” button or use the search feature if you are looking for a particular restaurant. You will be presented with list of restaurants with their address, phone number and distance from your location in an easy to navigate format. Tap on any restaurant name and you will be able to see the menu categories, cuisines and opening timings. GoodFoodTalks can also give you walking directions if you need. And all this can be read aloud by the screen reader on your device or people, who have limited vision, can enlarge the print, highlight buttons, and even invert all the colours. More about using this app.


We are working hard to make GoodFoodTalks even better. We need support from you and Restaurant owners to upload more and more menus on the GoodFoodTalks platform. Making a restaurant menu accessible is very easy, just sign up with us and submit a menu.